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An Introduction to the Surveillance Society

John Gilliom & Torin Monahan

(University of Chicago Press, 2013)

Surveillance Studies 
A Reader

Torin Monahan & David Murakami Wood, eds.

(Oxford University Press, 2018)

Crisis Vision
Race and the Cultural Production of Surveillance

Torin Monahan

(Duke University Press, 2022)

Surveillance in the Time of Insecurity

Torin Monahan

(Rutgers University Press, 2010)

Winner of the 2011 Surveillance Studies Book Prize.


Schools under Surveillance
Cultures of Control in Public Education

Torin Monahan & Rodolfo D. Torres, eds.

(Rutgers University Press, 2010)

Surveillance and Security Technological Politics and Power in Everyday Life

Torin Monahan, ed.

(Routledge, 2006)

Globalization, Technological Change, and Public Education

Torin Monahan

(Routledge, 2005)

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